WebChange for RISC OS

from Soft Rock Software

User Guide

Linking to the WebChange Site

In order to continue to develop and provide support for WebChange it needs to sell, and to continue to do so. With this in mind, Soft Rock Software asks that if you use and find WebChange useful, please put a link to the WebChange section of Soft Rock Software's website on any sites on which you use WebChange. This is by no means a compulsory condition of use, but the long term benefits, for both Soft Rock Software and the users, of doing this should be reasonably obvious!

With this in mind, a small graphic for use in such links:

Using WebChange

There are two ways in which this graphic and link can be included on your pages. You can either use the image above, and link to http://www.webchange.co.uk/ or you can have the image itself fetche from the Soft Rock Software website, as follows:

 <A HREF="http://www.webchange.co.uk/">
  <IMG SRC="http://www.softrock.co.uk/imgs/logos/wclink.png"
       ALT="Using WebChange" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=31 WIDTH=88>

The advantage with the latter is that if the image changes, you remain up to date without any effort.

The graphic also exists as a .gif file in the same location for the benefit of those already linking to the previous file, which was only available in that format.

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