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What is WebChange 2?

WebChange 2 is an application designed to help with the maintenance of websites, and is particularly suitable for those people who prefer to design their pages in a text editor, such as StrongEd, Edit or Zap. It provides a number of functions in order to simplify those tasks which can be repetitive in nature, such as changing a single item of text on every page.

What the program is NOT is a website design package which will do it all for you except provide the content - there are other packages which aim to provide this function, and WebChange does not aim to compete with or replace them.

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About These Instructions

These instructions are written with the following assumptions in mind:

The former should be covered by the user guide which came with your computer, and the latter by any number of books and on-line tutorials. For example, John Alldred's tutorial can be found at www.protovale.co.uk/john.html

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Compatibility Issues

WebChange 2 should run on RISC OS versions 3.1 and higher, and in a system with a minimum of 4Mb RAM. It should be compatible with the various image filing systems and patches used on the RISC OS platform to provide longer filenames and more entries per directory - however, there are some known issues:

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